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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – April 28, 2022 – HKBPPC Chiropractic Center has launched a body pain treatment plan, and a series of targeted treatment plans are tailored to each client. Pain problems are generally considered incurable, and random injection of drugs and stones may be unnecessary. However, according to the HKBPPC chiropractor’s explanation, most pain problems can be effectively alleviated and drastically cured as long as the root cause is clarified and correct chiropractic techniques are used. Therefore, a personalized pain treatment plan is an effective strategy.

The ‘Phubbers’ are overweight on their necks and suffer from neck pain before the age of 40

About one tenth of Hong Kong’s population suffers from chronic pain disorders, i.e. one in 10 people suffers from pain disorders. In the past, it was considered a pain for older people, but in 2017, it also showed a younger trend. HKBPPC is a chiropractic center in Hong Kong. They mentioned that according to statistics from Kowloon Hospital Physiotherapy Department, among the 25,000 new cases every year, about 30% of patients are under 40 years old, mainly due to neck pain (about 30%) . two adults).

Prolonged use of mobile phones, tablets and game consoles is also one of the main causes of pain for patients. The normal head already weighs around 10-12 pounds. When the head is lowered 15 degrees, the weight of the neck increases to approximately 27 pounds; at 30 degrees, the weight reaches about 40 pounds. The common use of electronic products is more than 20 degrees upside down, which will increase the weight of the neck and cause muscle strain, resulting in straightening of the cervical vertebrae, dislocation of the cervical vertebrae and muscle strain, etc. ., increasing the risk of neck. pain.

The more you press on the sore spot, the more painful it becomes

Although the pain is difficult to manage when it occurs, daily life and emotions will also be affected. In order to cure the pain completely, many patients hope to seek help to resolve the pain as soon as possible, ignoring the root cause of the pain.

Understanding why pain occurs is just as important as how it is treated, and the complexity of pain can sometimes be more difficult to diagnose. Take the example of common sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve line in the body. If the nerve line is damaged, it is easy to cause inflammation of nearby soft tissues. Especially in the position of the pelvis, the nerve lines are dense and complex, which increases the difficulty of diagnosing the affected pain area and sometimes confuses the patient himself about the root position of the pain.

Therefore, HKBPPC, from a professional chiropractor’s perspective, treats pain patients with the goal of “no surgery, no medicine, and no injections”. The chiropractor’s treatment methods provide targeted pain treatment based on the patient’s condition and cause.

Chiropractor Tailor-made pain treatment plan

Through formal and detailed physical examinations, HKBPPC Chiropractic Center reveals the causes of pain and designs an exclusive personalized pain treatment plan for each patient with pain. In addition to using professional diagnostic equipment for detailed examination, such as X-ray or magnetic resonance, he can precisely locate the affected pain area. At the same time, it will provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s life, including daily posture, habits, onset time and other accidental medical history, etc., to help speculate the cause of the pain.

Based on all data and information, HKBPPC Chiropractic Center and its chiropractors will review a variety of treatment options, including spinal adjustment, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, etc., to formulate the most appropriate treatment plan, and will also discuss with the patient. advice or attention to improving posture in life. question.

About HKBPPC Chiropractic Center

HKBPPC Chiropractic Center focuses on treating spine and other pain problems, and provides targeted treatment to patients under the principle of “no surgery, no medicine, and no injections”. At the same time, the center understands the significant impact of spinal nerve health on bodily functions and is committed to promoting the importance of spinal health and spine care guidance to prevent spine problems to the public and to popularize spine health knowledge for the society. For more information on the range of treatments at HKBPPC Chiropractic Center and pain information, please visit



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