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MOSES LAKE — 23 years ago, Suced Yusso started a home daycare.

“It’s always been my dream to open a center,” Yusso said through a translator, Jose Ureste, associate pastor at the Guardian Assembly. “My husband thought I was crazy, but it was a dream I had.”

While Yusso speaks, Sofia, Ureste’s four-year-old daughter, sits at a table playing. It’s the end of a long day, and she’s the last child in the center.

After graduating from college and a lot of hard work, Yusso now owns two Suky Learning Centers – an original location at 414 Buress Ave. and a second location she opened a year ago at 900 E. Nelson Road in the offices of a former chiropractor. clinic — and managed to keep the first location going amid the COVID-19 pandemic while she watched that second building and dreamed.

To keep the business going during the pandemic, Yusso said she and her husband borrowed from her 401(k) because they weren’t eligible for help and couldn’t get a business loan.

In the midst of that, Yusso said, she and her husband managed to acquire the E. Nelson Road location and then had to put it into use. It had been gutted and needed a lot of work to get it back up and running, she said. City officials suggested it would never work as a daycare center and perhaps Yusso should look elsewhere.

“I became stubborn,” she says. “It will be a daycare.”

Yusso said she and her husband worked for a year and a half cleaning, painting and laying new floors, complying with all state requirements, before coming to town to get the necessary permits.

“They were surprised,” Yusso said. “I realized my dream.”

Suky’s two learning centers are clean and brightly decorated, with Yusso saying she and her employees did all the decorations themselves. Yusso said she is licensed to care for 35 children at the Buress Avenue location and 25 children at the E. Nelson Road operation, and prefers smaller daycares because she thinks she can do better. take care of children in this way.

“I like quality, not quantity,” she said. “Somewhere where I believe I can give the best to the children.”

“Oh I love it. Yeah, it’s been amazing,” Ureste said. “My daughter learned a lot.”

Ureste said Sofia had attachment issues at the Buress Avenue location, but as soon as they moved her here a year ago, things improved dramatically.

“I mean, it’s just amazing. I mean, yeah, she’s grown so much in the year she’s been here,” he said.

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Suky Learning Center

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