Spine doctor Zeki, with gifted hands and expert chiropractic technique, visits America to show off his talent for true pain reduction


The naturopath and chiropractor emphasize the importance of the cupping technique in eliminating pain as opposed to simple pain injections as the first and only treatment option.

Dortmund – September 26, 2022 – Zakaria Kevin Leidgen, also known as the “Spine Doctor”, will travel to America later this year to show off his skills while working alongside other chiropractors and cupping professionals. While visiting America, he and the cast professionals will offer a general chiropractic course to demonstrate to individuals how it works.

Leidgen, who is a trained and certified Naturopath and Chiropractor, wholeheartedly believes that with the use of chiropractic techniques, the body can be effectively healed from chronic pain.

When the body suffers from mild to excruciating pain, it is unable to allow us to lead a truly healthy and peaceful life. Research has shown that pain relief significantly benefits the mind and provides clarity, making it free from mental illness and anxiety.

As Zakaria Kevin Leidgen grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia, he always sought to advance in the field of chiropractic therapy. Today, he continues to improve the skills he uses to help his clients.

One critical area that has brought life-changing relief to its customers is “cupping,” an ancient Chinese tradition. Zakaria Kevin Leidgen said he made a point of perfecting this art of pain relief by spending time in China where he learned from the professionals.

With the use of the cupping technique, Leidgen can dislodge months and years of varying pain. His preference in using this method is due to the hope it offers to others. He also thinks it’s a more gentle, natural and holistic approach.

Zakaria Kevin Leidgen actively displays his talent, tact and love as a chiropractor on his Instagram page, where potential clients can observe what working with the young and enthusiastic German-born chiropractor has to offer.

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