Skeleton arms returned, vandals leave apology note at TN Clinic


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Skeleton arms and a note of apology appeared on the lawn at the Jones Chiropractic Clinic in Johnson City Monday morning, ending the dramatic tale of their flight last week.

According to the owners of the clinic, surveillance cameras recorded a person running on the company’s lawn shortly after midnight before dropping several objects behind their sign.

Photo: Jones Chiropractic Clinic

When staff arrived in the morning, they found the missing arms of “Mr.Skelly”, the 12ft tall fake skeleton that had been taken to the roof earlier this year. Next to the missing property, they found a note.

“I’m sorry, it was a wrong Halloween prank,” the note read. “We are really sorry.”

The person covered their face as they ran across the lawn and away from it.

Company staff had previously called on the vandals to turn in the weapons, as Mr Skelly was a valuable part of the company and an expensive decoration.

Photo: Jones Chiropractic Clinic
Photo: Jones Chiropractic Clinic

After the missing weapons were returned, company personnel said they were satisfied with the outcome. Whether the investigation continues depends on the Johnson City Police Department, but staff said they hope the two seen on camera have learned their lesson.

“We hope they have learned to prank, because next time they might encounter a situation that could hurt them or worse,” a spokesperson for the clinic said. “If they haven’t learned their lesson, hopefully karma will catch up with them eventually.”


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