Palmer College celebrates its 125th anniversary

the first fit – 1895 in downtown Davenport

The first chiropractic school opened in 1897, two years after DD Palmer performed his first chiropractic adjustment.

Chancellor and CEO Dennis Marchiori says the college is a key contributor to the local economy, with $42 million a year in payroll and purchases, and $20 million spent by its students.

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“Because our students are not from the Quad Cities area, all of our students for the most part, with a few exceptions, are from outside the Quad Cities. Then, because of that, we really bring those resources into the Quad Cities. who otherwise wouldn’t be there.”

The college has also spent millions in recent years improving the campus, opening a new student clinic, a student union, classrooms and labs, and student housing.

“It is the oldest campus in chiropractic and at the same time, thanks to the work of the last ten years, it is in fact the most modern campus in chiropractic education of the 18 programs in the United States.”

Since its founding, Palmer has opened branch campuses in California and Florida, and together they have 31,000 living alumni.

Dr. Marchiori expects around 2,000 alumni and friends to be in town this weekend for the anniversary celebration.


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