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Optimized well-being through spinal care and chiropractic therapy

The wellness route is by no means a linear one-way street. There are countless routes to take, with a few detours and scares along the way. The events that mark the path to a healthier, fuller life are unique and almost never the same. For some, well-being springs up as a good idea, suddenly animated by a breath of inspiration. Others might share details of a health issue that caused them to switch to Kombucha cocktails. When it comes to general well-being, there really is no destination or roadmap. Where appropriate, the journey continues to evolve, elevating our performance and supporting the way we present ourselves to others.

It wasn’t until very recently that I discovered the value of spine care and chiropractic therapy in improving the wellness journey. Typically, we hear from friends and family who visit their chiropractor because of an injury or accident. It never really occurred to me that regular spinal realignment, combined with physical and laser therapy, could dramatically improve years of functional life. The first session at INTERCARE, the Filipino pioneer of free alternative medicine, revealed the health benefits of the spine to move, function and live fully.


The team begins: “The health of your spine is an important factor in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Whether you are seeking pain relief, on the road to recovery, or ready to embark on a wellness program to optimize your health, we customize to suit your unique needs and goals. The session began with a thorough posture assessment, using a Podoscope. This was followed by a medical consultation and chiropractic therapy with chiropractic specialist Dr. Robert Karl Winet. He explained, “This is a safe, specific and controlled force applied to a joint to restore proper function and mobility.”

The idea is to bring the spine back into its proper alignment so that the rest of the body can function optimally. As the main highway that connects all of our organs, the spine can determine how well we move, digest, breathe, and yes, even think. As I understood during the consultation, bad posture is like a bad traffic jam that keeps your whole body from functioning at its best. Dr Robert says: “Spinal adjustments activate and stimulate neural pathways between the brain and organs, optimizing communication between the two and therefore organ function.


To be honest, I was terrified of breaking my bones. But he assured: “All you have to do is relax. The sounds actually come from your facet joints, which are put back into place. With eyes closed and deep, conscious breaths, the crackle began. The hips were first adjusted to balance the entire upper body. A feeling of indescribable relief followed each crackle and pop.

Spinal readjustments are just as essential for the body as regular tune-ups for a car. After the session, Dr Rob recommended a sustainable treatment program to help maintain a healthy spine. He also conducted a nutritional testing method using a magnet. “It helps isolate the vitamins and allows us to determine which supplements you need.” Besides vitamins A and D3, he recommended a daily dose of Albizia from Theralife. “Alizia is great for improving mood, helping with quality sleep,” he said. Taken each morning, the new addition to the supplement routine brought clarity and calm to each day.


At INTERCARE, experts and therapists follow a holistic approach to wellness. In addition to consultation, chiropractic and nutritional assessment, other treatments are offered to promote healing, regeneration and strengthening. “We often recommend laser light therapy and myotherapy after spinal realignment. This allows tissues and nerves to heal faster, ”said the therapist from the new Bonifacion Global City clinic.

Laser therapy is a safe and effective option for reducing pain and swelling. Using Class 4 medical lasers, tissues and nerves were put at ease. The therapist explained, “When our spine is realigned or corrected, our nerves and tissues are also put back into place. Laser light allows them to heal faster. It also supports cell regeneration.

The muscles, tendons and ligaments were then kneaded with demanding movements and high pressure. “We are now going to do myotherapy to support the softer tissue,” said the therapist. It was similar to a massage, but more precise and intense. She explained that unlike curative or spa massages, myotherapy addresses the root of the discomfort or injury to help rehabilitate soft tissue.

To hold the tissues, muscles and the newly realigned spine in place, bands were attached to the back. “It will help you keep your correct posture in place. It will also support the surrounding tissues and muscles for the next few days. She recommended keeping them for at least 48 hours.


With most of the days spent poring over gadgets, it had almost become second nature to live with poor posture. As a result, breathing and overall body function had been unknowingly compromised for years. Before chirotherapy, chronic pain and discomfort were part of everyday life. And it kept the mind and body from functioning optimally.

Coming out with a newly aligned spine was like reappearing into the world a whole new person. A feeling of confidence in standing taller accompanied each step. Significant fluency also improved conscious movement on the mat. With the help of personalized supplements from Theralife, the days were fueled with more energy and focus. I always find myself hunched over my laptop or cell phone, but awareness of spine health always brings me back to living well and tall.

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