Oklahaven awards Sherman College “Have a Heart” award for support of chiropractic


Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center recognized Sherman College for its support during the 2022 “Have-A-Heart” campaign. Oklahaven CEO Dr. Bobby Doscher presented the College Award to the Dean of Clinics, Dr. Brian Dooley, during an on-campus meeting Monday, August 22 at the Gelardi Student Center.

The College Award is given to the college and chiropractic clinic that raises the most funds for Oklahaven and its mission to heal children through chiropractic and educate parents about the chiropractic lifestyle. Doscher said the college’s support was greatly appreciated and “helped the most deeply hurt children on their journey to health and showed the world that they can be okay.” Oklahaven, established in 1962 in Oklahoma City, Ok., is a nonprofit organization that provides chiropractic care to children, especially those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

The Sherman College Network Club led the fundraiser and worked with the on-campus Chiropractic Health Center to raise $2,671 for this year’s event. Donations were represented by hearts displayed on the clinic’s stair railing. Network Club student Brooke Jackson led the effort and said she was happy to exceed the club’s goal this year.


Sherman College of Chiropractic provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic education, preparing them to enter the field as highly qualified, compassionate, ethical, and successful Doctors of Chiropractic. At its 80-acre campus in South Carolina, Sherman offers a first professional degree program unique in its approach to health care and known worldwide for the skills and artistry of chiropractic taught by graduates. For more information, visit www.sherman.edu or call 800-849-8771.


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