Laser carving specialist at Highwoods Chiropractic


Based in Highwoods Chiropractic, The Laser Room is one of only three FDA-approved specialty lasers in the country.

The specialty laser is an American product and can only work under the practice of a physician, making it more of a medical procedure than a cosmetic one.

The Verju non-thermal green laser reduces fat by activating the fat cell, instead of burning, freezing or melting it.

When the specially designed laser is projected onto the fat cells, the fat begins to ooze from the lymphatic system to various muscles.

From there it can be used as energy or consumed through a process of phagocytosis.

This cellular process allows particles to be ingested and eliminated in the body, expelling them through the pores by drinking water.

The cold laser beam produces no heat or sensation, opening up the fat cell within six minutes of laser contact with the skin.

Non-invasive – the cold laser is one of only three in the country

The Colchester-based company aims to tailor treatment to individual lifestyles, whether it’s a desire for general weight loss for health issues or body sculpting for gym goers.

What makes the laser unique is that no change in diet is required.

Placebo trials were conducted, where a missed laser and the real laser were used on participants, who had to document a food and activity diary.

The study showed that those who were exposed to the real laser were able to lose weight and body fat, without changing their eating or dietary habits.

Gazette: Hannah Man, Dr. Wayne Elphinstone and Sheridan Partlett - laser therapist and practice managerHannah Man, Dr. Wayne Elphinstone and Sheridan Partlett – laser therapist and practice manager

A spokesperson for The Laser Room said: “It’s time to make the most of the fat you have as part of a lifestyle change rather than treating it like the enemy.

“How many times have we started making lifestyle changes with the best of intentions, but given up because the mountain seems too steep to climb?

“Verju green laser treatments are not a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a package of treatments that encourages your body to function as it was designed.”

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