Fixing the neck with chiropractic, study suggests chiropractor-approved maintenance care


According to the doctor Eric Chun-Pu ChuDC PhD, Association of Chiropractic Physicians of hong kong (CDAHK), people spend about 6 hours a day staring at their cell phones, which can cause severe neck pain and numbness.

LOS ANGELES, September 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the Journal of Medical Cases research study, spinal manipulation therapy is effective in correcting neck misalignment (1).

What the text neck does to your body is this: It puts the neck in the wrong position: Lengthens the tendons and ligaments behind the neck while misaligning and tightening the neck. “Our heads weigh ten pounds. The weight your neck has to bear doubles for every inch you lean forward. This extra tension builds up over time,” according to CDAHK.

It usually starts with pain in the neck, shoulders or back. It could also give you sharp pain, a headache, stiffness in your neck or jaw, or numbness in your arms and hands. The condition occurs when the neck is in an odd position, which puts pressure on the cervical spine and the muscles that support it. This is what happens when you lean your neck forward for a long time to stare at your screen or phone.

However, giving up our gadgets is not really an option. Instead, we can ensure that we attend maintenance care and adopt healthy routines to avoid textual neck aches and pains.

Chiropractors recommend adapting if you experience persistent pain. Monthly care helps relieve pain and repair structural problems that text neck builds up over time. Chiropractic care has been identified as one of the primary non-pharmacological treatments for acute and chronic neck (1-4), shoulder (5) and back (6-9) pain.

Therefore, keep in mind that no tool is certain to relieve your technology-related symptoms. But in the end, keeping good habits and exercising doesn’t hurt to keep your muscles supple and active.


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SOURCE Association of Doctors of Chiropractic hong kong (CDAHK)


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