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Dr. Austin Neibarger

chiropractor in manhattan dr neibarger helps neck pain patients without surgery or medication with amazing results

Dr. Neibarger adjusting the patient

Dr. Austin Neibarger has become a part of Dr. Shoshany’s chiropractic practice in New York, largely due to his integrated approach to treating back pain.

Each person has unique circumstances. In addition to traditional chiropractic, I like to use modalities like electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or laser therapy. »

— Dr. Neibarger

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Sept. 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Steven Shoshany, Manhattan’s top-rated and most-loved chiropractor, recently added Dr. Neibarger to his downtown practice.

Treating back pain for long-term results is the primary practice goal of New York chiropractor Dr. Shoshany. When Dr. Shoshany needed surgery that would have sidelined him for a few months, he knew his patients couldn’t wait. Dr. Shoshany was looking for a capable chiropractor with fitness training, integrated treatment, and great patient skills. All of these qualities and extensive experience in treating back pain and lower back pain put Dr. Neibarger above.

“When a patient presents with a herniated disc, I think it’s important to recognize that they will be different from the last patient I helped. Each person has unique circumstances. In addition to traditional chiropractic, I love using modalities like Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or Laser Therapy. Having access to these many high-end tools that I can use in conjunction with what I’m already doing is a game-changer. We go so much beyond that. of what most chiropractic practices offer in New York City – Dr. Austin Neibarger

When discussing the ins and outs of treating patients with extreme pain and physical restrictions, it’s easy to forget that most people seek surgery first. “It’s a tough message to get across to people, that most of them don’t need surgery, not now or probably never.” said Dr. Shoshany. He built his resume and reputation as New York’s top chiropractor by taking on cases that others wouldn’t consider. When it is truly too late for a patient to recover without surgery, Dr. Shoshany is not afraid to refer cases to surgeons. In this regard, Dr. Neibarger has again proven himself to be the perfect chiropractor to complement Dr. Shoshany’s longstanding methods.

Dr. Neibarger also mentions that rare treatment options like spinal decompression using the best decompression device available, the DRX-9000, puts even more power in the hands of patients. Regarding the most severe patients, Dr. Neibarger says, “If a patient presents with a very severe herniated disc, they may limp or even crawl around the office. In such cases, the first thing I usually have to do is get him to come. pain. Next, we assess the number of underlying structural issues. Once we have this image, we explore what their available function is. Finally, when I’ve done that, and got them out of pain, I have a lot of different treatments available to get them back to normal life.”

Dr. Neibarger doesn’t stop there, he also prescribes corrective and strengthening exercises and helps patients build habits and skills that will protect the back in the long run. Dr. Neibarger also has a lot of experience in manual therapy. He especially prefers to use it in the initial stages of treatment. Manual therapy is used to separate the muscle and make the joint structures mobile, so the extent of the damage can be established. Dr. Austin finds that changing postural habits or incorporating specific exercises can help strengthen core muscles to protect the spine in the long run.

Dr. Austin likes to aim high, but uses a realistic action plan, which allows patients to have a clearer path to full recovery. Whether a patient just wants to walk from point a to point b or get back to their favorite sport, creating motivation and lasting goals helps keep the patient on track.

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