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13:11 21 April 2022

Keeping our body in check is an essential ingredient for a long and healthy life, and should not be overlooked. We take the time to exercise regularly, visit our dentist or GP, but often our muscle health can be overlooked.

“Prevention is better than cure,” says Edmund Rogers, doctor of chiropractic and director of the Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic in Cambridge. “Although we have a highly trained and experienced team who can deal with all sorts of issues, we always encourage people who are pain free to get regular check-ups in order to stay healthy.”

Below, Edmund shares five treatments he advises to improve mobility, prevent physical problems and treat pain.

1. Chiropractic care

“Anyone, at any age, can benefit from chiropractic care,” says Edmund. Treatment involves adjusting joints, relieving pressure, improving movement, and allowing nerves and muscles to function properly. However, the focus is often on treating the symptoms people are experiencing and not on the root cause.

“It can be problematic because it’s a short-term fix, sometimes hiding a deeper problem,” he says. “Medications can certainly help in some cases, but when the real reason for the pain is known, there is a much better chance of resolving it in the long term.

“Chiropractic is not a pain reliever,” he continues. “It is designed to directly address the problem, not the symptom. We will treat the lack of spinal function whether the pain is in the head, neck, shoulders or back. the body heals.

Chiropractic care is advised for people with and without pain to keep our bodies healthy.
– Credit: Relief Chiropractic

“A simple stiffness can be a precursor to pain, so it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible,” he adds.

For those without any issues, Edmund recommends monthly adjustments but stresses that each patient will have different needs. More regular treatments may be needed for patients with severe problems: “This may range from once to three times a week for about six to eight weeks, followed by a reduced frequency in order to stabilize the spine as well as introduce exercises to aid recovery. We can suggest timelines based on individual cases and what we think is most appropriate,” he says.

2. Laser therapy

“I would recommend the laser to anyone with scars or chronic issues that have accumulated over a long period of time,” says Edmund. “Laser therapy helps treat joint and muscle inflammation, as well as relieve pain.”

The laser can encourage injured tissue to heal and reproduce more quickly. Edmund explains that the treatment is painless and can barely be felt by the patient. For those who suffer from severe pain or who tend to feel bad following a chiropractic adjustment, this treatment can be extremely beneficial.

Doctor of chiropractic at Relief Chiropractic in Cambridge treating a patient with spinal manipulation to reduce pain

Chiropractic care offers natural treatment for back, neck, shoulder and head pain.
– Credit: Relief Chiropractic

3. Sports massage therapy

Despite what its name may suggest, this massage is not reserved for athletes or those who regularly practice a sport. It is performed by specially trained professionals experienced in advanced massage techniques. “Treatment involves a range of different methods and instruments to relieve overworked muscles and improve their movement patterns,” says Edmund.

While it can be helpful alongside chiropractic treatments, Edmund explains how sports massage is also beneficial on its own. “They’re great for treating people diagnosed with a soft tissue problem, for whom chiropractic may not be as appropriate,” he says.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage is a type of treatment designed to relax and calm the body. “Stress is complex – it can be caused by a variety of factors and felt in different ways,” says Edmund. “Our aromatherapist can create a custom blend of essential oils for each patient, tailored to their favorite smells and medical needs.”

If you want to go deeper into home treatment, the clinic offers a range of products from face masks to oil drops that can be used to treat mental, physical or respiratory stresses.

Sports massage.  Physiotherapist massaging shoulder area

Sports massage therapy is ideal for treating overworked muscles and soft tissue problems.
– Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. Reflexology

It is a form of foot massage whose traditional roots go back many years. “The practitioner will treat areas of the foot that are supposed to correspond to other parts of the body,” Edmund reveals. “Massage aims to reduce stress by targeting trigger points on the feet to relieve pressure throughout your body.”

Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing treatment that can be easily integrated with other therapies within the clinic.

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