Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care

West Los Angeles Chiropractor Provides Comprehensive, Affordable Chiropractic Care

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood, based in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to provide quality, affordable chiropractic care to patients of all ages in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas. They are top chiropractors that patients in West Los Angeles can trust. They offer spinal decompression, massage therapy and personalized plantar orthotics services.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, drug-free treatment that uses gentle traction to stretch tissue and create space between the vertebral bodies. This can help relieve back pain by allowing more movement in the spine. It can also treat many conditions including herniated disc, bulging discs, sciatica, sacroiliac connection, nerve impingement and more. At Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab, they use the Hill-Airflex, which is one of the best spinal decompression units on the market that provides low-intensity, variable-frequency traction to reduce pain and increase flexibility in the spine. spine of patients. The expert chiropractors at Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab use a number of different methods to treat their patients. They are well versed in the various chiropractic techniques including SOT, flexion / distraction, activator, Thompson, low force, electrical stimulation, myofascial release, chiropractic massage and more.

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab also offers massage therapy for those who need a break from their chiropractic treatment or just want to relax. Whether it’s a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, the trained therapists at Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab can provide their patients with the relaxation and stress relief they need. Massage therapy is proven to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and stimulate blood circulation. Those looking for pain treatment can check out Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab. Learn more here: Neck Pain West Los Angeles.

Patients who are looking for personalized foot orthotics as part of their treatment plan can also find what they need at Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab. There are many different causes of foot pain, including Morton’s neuroma, flat feet, ankle sprains, and fallen arches. Custom orthotics fit perfectly into patients’ shoes to prevent discomfort in the feet, ankles and legs. At Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab, they take precise measurements using a Gait Scan, which is the most accurate way to get 2D and 3D footprints. Therefore, they are able to provide occasional orthotics, sports orthotics, clothing orthotics, and specialized orthotics (such as a diabetic flex).

At Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab, they are committed to helping their patients get better. As soon as a patient walks through the door, they can expect a friendly and caring atmosphere designed to put them at ease. Their expert chiropractors have been helping patients across Los Angeles with pain relief for many years and are eager to work with new patients as well. Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab has earned the trust of countless patients in and around Los Angeles.

The practice offers free initial consultations for new patients. This allows Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab chiropractors to learn more about each patient’s symptoms, medical history and lifestyle so they can come up with an appropriate treatment plan that will dramatically improve their quality of life. If the patient chooses to work with Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab, they can rest assured that their chiropractors will provide them with a personalized treatment plan that will meet their individual needs.

Through Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab’s commitment to providing quality care and superior customer service, they have built an excellent reputation with their patients.

In a 5 star Google review, Melissa Mendoza said, “Dr. Casey is very knowledgeable and helpful in correcting and mitigating issues. I go to the Marina and Brentwood offices, and both facilities are great. Dr Casey came up with an excellent comprehensive care plan for my back, which was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep most nights. After a month in her care, I felt and slept so much better! My neck had the worst tension and pain for a very long time, and it was relieved. Thanks, Dr Casey!

In another 5-star Google review, David West says, “Dr. Casey knows what she’s doing. I feel better after each adjustment. I stopped hurting every day and within a few weeks I no longer feel pain every day. She is very familiar with the exercises and stretches that I should be doing. Her instagram is also very helpful as she posts videos on how to do the exercises correctly. I really recommend her to everyone, and not just for adjustments, but also to start taking care of yourself physically.

Those looking for treatment for neck, head, back, and shoulder pain can check the Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab website for more details. Patients can also connect with Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements. Read more here: Shoulder Pain West Los Angeles.


For more information on Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood, contact the company here:

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spine Rehabilitation Brentwood
Dr Carlos Rodriguez
[email protected]
Prodigy Chiro Care & Spine Rehabilitation
171 S Barrington PL, unit A
Los Angeles, California 90049

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Chiropractic care

First Choice Chiropractic Highlights Benefits of Chiropractic Care After Car Accident

First Choice Chiropractic is a leading chiropractic care facility. In a recent update, the clinic described some of the benefits of chiropractic care after an accident.

Columbus, Ohio – First Choice Chiropractic, in an article posted on its website, shared the benefits of chiropractic care after a car accident.

On the one hand, it reduces inflammation. Micro-tears in the muscles and ligaments of the body are common and cannot be detected with a standard x-ray. Spinal adjustments can bring the spine back into alignment, producing natural anti-inflammatory properties to help with the discomfort of these tears.

Also, it reduces scar tissue, as muscles can scar after an accident causing stiffness and pain. A chiropractor in Columbus can target these scarred areas and help break down the buildup faster than if it were left to heal on its own. Less scar tissue means a person will likely feel better a lot faster.

It also leads to a decrease in the need for drugs. Prescription pain relievers can be very addicting. Taking a heavy pain reliever in the short term can turn into addiction or continued addiction. Chiropractors in Columbus can make sure that the real injury is healed and that the pain is not simply masked as an effect of medication.

Restore range of motion by mobilizing the spine through chiropractic adjustments to help restore proper range of motion and encourage the healing process. Additionally, with spinal adjustments, a person can have reduced pain in the affected areas and relief throughout their body.

About First Choice Chiropractic

First Choice Chiropractic strives to provide the best possible level of personalized care, so that patients feel pain free and achieve their ideal health. Their goal is for every client to leave the office with a better understanding of the treatment they are receiving and how to go through the process after a personal injury for which they are not responsible.

Media contact
Company Name: First choice chiropractic
Contact: Dr James Fonner
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: (614) 274-4878
Address:3483 S High St
City: Columbus
State: OH
Country: United States

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Chiropractic care

No, chiropractic care cannot boost immunity to COVID-19

Some chiropractors are posting claims online that chiropractic care can help with COVID-19, but professional associations, experts and researchers disagree.

MINNEAPOLIS – There have been many claims on the internet and on social media about how to prevent, treat and cure COVID-19.

Many of these claims involve chiropractors saying that a chiropractic adjustment will strengthen your immune system and help you fight off the virus.

KARE 11 viewer Mary Jo wanted us to CHECK two different questions.

First, can chiropractic adjustments strengthen your immune system?

And second, can chiropractic adjustments cure COVID-19?

Minnesota Chiropractic Association

American Chiropractic Association

World Chiropractic Federation

Dr. Jennifer Needle, a professor at the University of Minnesota who specializes in pediatrics, bioethics, and is one of the university’s experts on COVID-19 disinformation

Research published in the medical journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

False, several chiropractic professional associations, experts and research studies show that there is not enough evidence to support claims that chiropractic care can boost your body’s immune system or cure COVID-19.

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA) has a special section on COVID-19 on the organization’s website.

This section states: “Due to the lack of research and the severity of COVID-19, it is negligent to make claims for treatment or cure. “

“Regulators are on high alert for the exploitation of the pandemic and may consider as grounds for license suspension any claim that certain treatments can prevent or cure COVID-19 until it is cleared. know more about the virus. “

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) also has a special section on its website that deals with claims regarding chiropractic care and COVID-19.

According to the ACA, “Although spinal adjustments are effective for a number of conditions, there is no quality evidence to support that they can improve immunity to COVID-19. “

The World Chiropractic Federation (WFC) also conducted a comprehensive review of all academic research in March 2020.

This review came to the conclusion that “no credible scientific evidence that spinal adjustment / manipulation has a clinically relevant effect on the immune system was found. The available studies have small sample sizes and a lack of symptomatic subjects “.

“At the time of writing, there is no credible scientific evidence that would make a claim for efficacy in conferring or enhancing immunity through spinal adjustment / manipulation in chiropractic communications.”

This WFC review looked at several research studies, including a 1986 study that claimed chiropractic care can boost your immune system by 200%.

However, the WFC says it couldn’t verify it because it was never able to “find” this original study.

According to the WFC, “Many attempts have failed to retrieve this study. Without the original study to review, no scientific assessment of its claims can be made.”

Dr. Jennifer Needle of the University of Minnesota agrees.

“There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that chiropractic adjustments A) impact the immune system, or B) impact the severity of COVID,” Needle said.

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Chiropractic care

First Choice Chiropractic Announces Benefits of Seeking Chiropractic Care After an Accident

First Choice Chiropractic is a leading provider of chiropractic care. In a recent update, the office explained why it is vital to see a chiropractor after an accident.

Columbus, Ohio – First Choice Chiropractic, in an article posted on their website, shared the benefits of seeing a chiropractor in Columbus after a car accident.

After an accident, seeing a chiropractor who specializes in bodily injury can help relieve headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, muscle pain, and other conditions. Chiropractors provide personalized assessments and can make decisions about how best to alleviate a patient’s symptoms.

Many chiropractors believe that seeking chiropractic treatment should be an injured person’s first stop. A simple adjustment can prevent an injury from getting worse and leading to a more serious injury. Getting immediate treatment after an injury can reduce the chances of having surgery to correct a problem.

An accident can lead to micro-tears of ligaments and muscles. These tears are the reason people wake up with pain or stiffness the day after a car crash or slip and fall, even though there are no visible injuries. Unfortunately, x-rays do not detect these types of injuries. A chiropractor in Columbus can use certain techniques to manipulate the spine or other parts of the body in order to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms in the body.

About First Choice Chiropractic LLC

First Choice Chiropractic is a clinic dedicated to providing chiropractic care for general cases of injury and pain. As experts in accident recovery, workplace accidents and other accidents, their treatment plans are patient specific and help them get back on their feet quickly and painlessly. The team explains the long-term results of their injuries to each client before providing a recovery plan.

Media contact
Company Name: First Choice Chiropractic LLC
Contact: Dr James Fonner
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: (614) 418-7122
Address:4520 Cleveland Ave
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Country: United States

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Chiropractic care is a game changer for arthritis patients

The Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) has launched a campaign to raise awareness that Ontario chiropractors are fully trained to treat arthritis pain and functional limitations

TORONTO, 12 October 2021 / CNW / – Today, one in five Canadians suffers from chronic pain associated with arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are ways to manage the disease and get people to do the things they love and want to do.

In recognition of World Arthritis Day on 12 october, the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) has launched a new arthritis campaign “Circle It” to help raise awareness of the pain and functional limitations of arthritis, as well as the management and ongoing care of arthritis inflammatory (IA) and osteoarthritis (OA).

In Ontario, chiropractors are qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat problems affecting the nMSK system, including arthritis. They are trained to help patients manage their arthritis pain using a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription and self-management strategies. An in-depth knowledge of the spine, muscles, joints and related nervous system health enables chiropractors to be part of a thoughtful and in-depth diagnostic team.

With over 100 different types of arthritis1, chiropractors use the best available evidence and clinical expertise to help arthritis patients navigate their care options. Chiropractors can be part of a patient’s circle of care – which may include a rheumatologist, family doctor, and neurologist – to assess, diagnose, and help manage their arthritis. Where appropriate, they will communicate with a patient’s care team to support continued care and management of their long-term condition.

Arthritis is a complex, chronic, and incurable medical condition. As our population ages, there’s no better time for chiropractors to take an active role in a patient’s circle of care and to work alongside rheumatologists and other specialists to ensure the best outcomes for them. patients.


“There is currently a lack of knowledge among patients and healthcare professionals that chiropractors can help improve quality of life, advance diagnosis, and increase treatment options for people with arthritis, ”says Caroline Brereton, CEO of OCA. “Chiropractors are fully qualified to be part of a patient’s circle of care to help them manage their condition and achieve optimal health. Their knowledge and expertise can help advance an interprofessional approach to arthritis management and continuing care by improving the patient’s continuum of care. The goal of the “Circle It” arthritis campaign is to help Ontarians understand that there are additional options for managing their arthritis. ”

Caroline Brereton, CEO of OCA

“Once a patient is diagnosed with arthritis, he is often seen by a variety of specialists, including rheumatologists, family physicians and neurologists. Unfortunately, chiropractors are often excluded from this circle of care. This represents a huge gap in our health. health care system because chiropractors are trained to work alongside other health care professionals to treat patients with arthritis. It is just one more tool in a patient’s toolbox to consider when seeking the best possible care to help manage pain and improve functional limitations that can arise from a disease such as arthritis. “

– Dr. Aksa Ahmed, OCA member and chiropractor in the Chiropractic Spine Clinic and Spinal Stenosis Program at the Rebecca MacDonald Center for Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases at Mount Sinai Hospital

“It is important to increase education about arthritis and autoimmune diseases among patients and physicians in general. Having more options in our circle of care early on and knowing how chiropractors can help is essential in enabling arthritis patients to seek the right treatment for their body. , and remove barriers to rapid and effective response. ”

David rennick, 26-year-old technology consultant with arthritis

Fast facts:

  • Arthritis is the most common long-term health problem in Canada, according to a 2019 Health Survey from Statistics Canada. Canada, affecting around 6 million people2. In Ontario alone, 17% of the population suffers from arthritis. Nationally, the disease affects one in four women and one in six men. The number of people with arthritis in Canada is expected to reach a total of 9 million by 20403.
  • More than half of people with arthritis are under 65, and the appearance of arthritis varies by type. Due to its propensity to affect multiple joints in the body, a significant proportion of people with arthritis report difficulty with mobility and activities of daily living such as housework and shopping.
  • Despite its prevalence, finding the right arthritis care is a challenge for many patients, as its early signs and symptoms can mimic those of other illnesses. Additionally, since there are many forms of arthritis and the disease has the potential to affect multiple joints in the body, treatment should be tailored and individualized to the specific needs of the patient.
  • The ‘Circle It’ Arthritis Campaign will run until december 2021 and include advertising aimed at consumers through Ontario to help advance the knowledge that chiropractors are an important part of the circle of care for arthritis patients.
  • For more information on the campaign, visit Help Manage Your Arthritis.

SOURCE Ontario Chiropractic Association

For further information: Sasha Babakhanova, Senior Communications Specialist, [email protected], (416) 882-0834

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Chiropractic care

Innovative New Approach to Chiropractic Care Debuts in Gadsden with The Joint

Brooke Fortenberry, director of the joint chiropractic office (left) and Kip Rapp, owner of the Gadsden location (right), discuss the new location. Katie Bohannon / Messenger.

By Katie Bohannon, News editor

An innovative new approach to health and wellness will adorn Gadsden later this year.

Located at 510 East Meighan Boulevard next to Moe’s Southwest Grill, The Joint Chiropractic presents a modern era of routine chiropractic care designed for the 21stst consumer of the century, with the betterment of the Etowah County community in mind.

Founded in 1999 with the goal of improving quality of life through routine and economical chiropractic care, The Joint radically differs from traditional chiropractic clinics, promoting three pillars that uphold its mission: affordability, accessibility and convenience. While traditional chiropractic clinics schedule appointments for patients with fixed office hours, The Joint operates as a membership-based model, similar to a gym. The Joint’s monthly subscriptions and wellness packages vary in price, but all offer affordable options for patients with no insurance co-payment required.

Adult memberships are $ 70 and youth memberships are $ 40, covering the cost of four visits each month.

No appointment is necessary; Walk-in people are welcome, with The Joint remaining open evenings and weekends to accommodate members’ personal schedules. Strategically placed in malls, coexisting with the nearby retail stores and restaurants frequented, The Joint’s nationwide (and Gadsden) central locations reinforce the clinic’s focus on convenience, empowering patients easily integrate wellness into their busy routines. With each of its more than 530 clinics across the country, The Joint breaks down barriers, creating an accessible path to holistic care.

The professionally trained physicians at The Joint perform only one service: hand-made spinal adjustments. This simplification generates a faster rate of patient care, with adjustments requiring only a few minutes of their day, following a visual and tactical consultation. Since joint clinics do not specialize in acute care, staff do not take x-rays to assess their condition. If a chiropractor determines an acute symptom or identifies an injury, they will refer that limb to another chiropractor or doctor to address the problem.

The owner of the Gadsden site, Kip Rapp, discovered The Joint Chiropractic thanks to his son, who did an internship at a clinic. As someone who has suffered from scoliosis and has visited a chiropractor himself frequently, Rapp was no stranger to chiropractic care as an essential part of overall well-being. He has witnessed firsthand the transformative nature of the practice, emphasizing that chiropractic care addresses and strives to correct physical ailments without the use of drugs or surgery.

As Americans across the country struggle to relieve pain through various methods, the abuse of opioids and prescription drugs is increasing, resulting in cases of addition across the country. According to an article by the American Chiropractic Association titled “Chiropractic and the Opioid Epidemic: Rethinking Our Approach to Pain,” in 2015, the nonprofit The Joint Commission, responsible for accrediting more than 22,000 health systems ( including hospitals), recognized holistic approaches to wellness. such as chiropractic care and acupuncture as beneficial additions to its standard of pain management. Subsequent guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Physicians treated non-invasive, non-drug treatments as initial recommendations before reverting to drug therapies. When fighting pain, chiropractic care emerges as a powerful alternative to medication, addressing the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptom.

“A lot of people are in debt because of medical bills,” Rapp said. “If you’re not in good physical shape, it’s really hard to be happy. It’s hard to do things when your body lets you down. With some traditional medicines and pain relievers, this doesn’t solve the problem – it masks the problem. “

Chiropractic care increases the body’s dependence on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system for control. It is essential that the nervous system of the body remains free from interference in order for the body to function properly without complications. Chiropractic care eliminates nerve interference that often builds up over time, restoring spinal function by correcting structural misalignments and postural imbalances with spinal adjustments. Since the nervous system is in direct correlation with the spine, improved spine function leads to improved nervous system function, thus contributing to the general state of well-being of a person.

While Rapp believes in the efficiency and effectiveness of chiropractic care, he recognized an opportunity for the practice to modernize. An industrial engineering student at university, Rapp has a broad knowledge of process and product improvement, with experience in manufacturing environments. Prior to owning and operating The Joint, a native of Pittsburg, Pa., Rapp worked in software development, holding numerous jobs nationwide and living in cities such as Memphis, Houston, Seattle, and Atlanta.

Rapp’s seasoned experience assisting businesses across America and his keen sense of refinement and process advancement coincided with his interest in The Joint, which initially drew him to the business model of franchise. Additionally, The Joint’s pursuit to develop quality healthcare in an achievable way appealed to Rapp’s compassionate nature. He recognized The Joint’s efforts as a catalyst to educate people about the importance of physical well-being, while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to practice healthy habits. As someone who strives to help others wherever he is, Rapp invests in what matters most to him – the people and the communities they call home.

“With whatever you do, you have to be passionate about it,” Rapp said. “You have to believe in it: stand up, be happy, help the community, the people and your team. I think that’s why we’re here … to help each other. If you want to have something great, it starts with having great people and giving everyone a great mission to follow. My kind of personality is one who finds the passion in the mission in what I am going to follow and that invariably comes down to helping others. You improve people’s lives.

Rapp explained that The Joint’s friendly and welcoming staff create a relaxed environment that members enjoy visiting. With a small unit of caring people, such as chiropractor Dr Boyce Callahan Jr. and COO Brooke Fortenberry, Rapp envisions patients developing relationships with the joint team. When a patient enters the clinic, he or she finds solace in a warm welcome and familiar faces that remember each other and care about their lives.

“The flexibility and convenience of The Joint will bring another opportunity for well-being to our community,” said Fortenberry. “It’s going to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. It’s that journey of overall wellness that many of us try to go through these days. Getting adjusted on a normal basis will help people feel better overall. I just thought it would be a great opportunity to give back to the community and help others feel better.

Valuing people, their time and their lives comes across as Rapp’s commitment to the Gadsden community, which he discovered to be a hub for small town business development. While in other places or countries, connecting with the right people can be a challenge, Rapp shared that these connections form organically in Gadsden – all he has to do is talk to people and they show willingness to help. With its opening date slated yet a few months away, Rapp’s contributions to Gadsden already demonstrate his enthusiasm and dedication to partnering with the community as an involved and active resident. From joining the Gadsden and Etowah County House to visiting schools, sponsoring fundraisers and supporting nonprofits, Rapp hopes his role in Gadsden uplifts the town and feeds its future growth.

While The Joint promotes wellness, Rapp feeds his own narrative. By educating others and providing those around him with readily available resources for their prosperity, he illustrates that a business is more than the services it provides, but the people it represents – a collection of individuals. helping their community, inspiring success stories on the horizon.

“We are here to help each other,” said Rapp. “We believe in wellness care and we want to make it convenient and affordable, so you can live the life you want to live with your family and at work. I certainly have a passion to give back; not only on the business model side, but I want to invest in the community. Happier lives lead to happier businesses. I believe in it, and you can make such a difference for people. Even one visit can make a big difference – it’s exciting to say I’m learning and can potentially help you learn. We can be successful together.

The Joint Chiropractic is scheduled to open in December or January. For more information on The Joint, call Kip Rapp at 256-467-7011 or email

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Pain catastrophism mediates rapid benefits of access to in-person chiropractic care during COVID-19 lockdown – Gevers ‐ Montoro – – European Journal of Pain


In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Spanish government to declare a state of emergency. A strict lockdown has been enforced, limiting access to health services, including chiropractic. Reduced access to caregiving, associated with psychological stress, social isolation and physical inactivity during lockdown has been shown to negatively influence pain conditions. However, data on strategies to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on these conditions is lacking.


After the restrictions were eased in May 2020, fifty-one chiropractic clinics across Spain invited patients pseudo-randomly, recruiting a total of 385 participants. Over a 14-day period, participants were exposed to in-person chiropractic care during one (n = 177) or multiple meetings (n = 109), or no care (n = 99). The effects of access to chiropractic care on the psychological and pain outcomes of patients were assessed online using self-reported questionnaires validated before and after the period of care. Primary outcomes included pain intensity, pain interference, and pain cognitions.


In comparison with participants without access to care, the intensity of pain and interference were significantly reduced during follow-up, regardless of the number of meetings. Kinesiophobia was also significantly reduced at follow-up, but only after multiple encounters. The relationship between fear of movement, changes in pain intensity, and interference was mediated by catastrophism.


Access to in-person chiropractic care can provide pain relief, along with reduced pain interference and cognitions. Prioritizing in-person care for patients with inadequate pain cognitions can help mitigate the adverse consequences of the pandemic on physical and psychological well-being.

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Chiropractic care

Pain catastrophism mediates rapid benefits of access to in-person chiropractic care during COVID-19 lockdown – Gevers ‐ Montoro – – European Journal of Pain


In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Spanish government to declare a state of emergency. A strict lockdown has been enforced, limiting access to health services, including chiropractic. Reduced access to caregiving, associated with psychological stress, social isolation and physical inactivity during lockdown has been shown to negatively influence pain conditions. However, data on strategies to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on these conditions is lacking.


After the restrictions were eased in May 2020, fifty-one chiropractic clinics across Spain invited patients pseudo-randomly, recruiting a total of 385 participants. Over a 14-day period, participants were exposed to in-person chiropractic care at one (n = 177) or multiple meetings (n = 109), or at no treatment (n = 99). The effects of access to chiropractic care on the psychological and pain outcomes of patients were assessed online using self-reported questionnaires validated before and after the period of care. Primary outcomes included pain intensity, pain interference, and pain cognitions.


In comparison with participants without access to care, the intensity of pain and interference were significantly reduced during follow-up, regardless of the number of meetings. Kinesiophobia was also significantly reduced at follow-up, but only after multiple encounters. The relationship between fear of movement, changes in pain intensity, and interference was mediated by catastrophism.


Access to in-person chiropractic care can provide pain relief, along with reduced pain interference and cognitions. Prioritizing in-person care for patients with inadequate pain cognitions can help mitigate the adverse consequences of the pandemic on physical and psychological well-being.

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Chiropractic Care Market by Key Players (RiverTowne Family Chiropractic, Aarhus Chiropractic, Rivera Chiropractic Center, Pure Health Chiropractic); Based on the global spread of COVID-19 in 2020

Global Chiropractic Care Market Overview, Regional Analysis, Market Share and Competitive Analysis

The study of the global chiropractic care market further sheds light on the industry by revealing the relevant market drivers and restraints affecting the growth during the forecast period. In addition, the study encompasses various analytical discussions that our analyst will come up with after observing the market with our internal methodology which is further verified through primary and secondary research means.

The basic chiropractic care market segmentation reported in the study includes:

Key Market Trends | Growth forecasts | Market share | Production and sales figures | Manufacturers Compliance | Technological advances |

Get a free sample report + all related charts and graphs (with COVID 19 impact analysis):

Report attribute:

Market size available for years – 2021 – 2027

Reference year considered – 2020

Historical data – 2016 – 2020

Forecast period – 2021 – 2027

Quantitative units – Turnover in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2027

Covered segments – Types, applications, end users, etc.

Cover of the report – Revenue forecasts, company rankings, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends

Regional scope – North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Price and purchase options – Take advantage of personalized shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

COVID-19 impact analysis:

The brutal pandemic (COVID-19) has induced long-term impacts on the performance of almost all sectors around the world. Considering a splendid drop in stocks of multinational and local industries during the year 2020, the founders and managers of their respective companies must make wise decisions in order to fight against such drastic situations, which can lead to the shutdown of industries. .

Request a pre and post Covid-19 impact analysis on companies:

Some of the major players operating in the global chiropractic care market include Rohlfs Chiropractic Care, Pure Health Chiropractic, Rivera Chiropractic Center, Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness, RiverTowne Family Chiropractic, Family Life Chiropractic, Dr. Spine Clinic, Aarhus Chiropractic. Our researchers aim to highlight the most profitable growth opportunities for clients and therefore aim to help them by changing our perspective for every market research we do. Further, the section covers the entire manufacturers, suppliers, and consumer base with respect to major players in order to grasp our reader of the current set of challenges facing the market throughout the forecast period. The research report offers a broader aspect of the impact analysis of COVID-19 which has degraded global markets in various industries. The market is focused on a study based entirely on the assessment and analytical cornerstones of the Chiropractic Care market.

This report segments the market based on the following types:

Maintenance care, Corrective care, Relief care

On the basis of Application, the market is segmented into:

Under 22, 22-45, 46-60, Over 60

For an additional revised list of market players in 2020, request a sample report:

Apart from the market growth points, the study also extensively targets the risks associated with the Chiropractic Care industry. The report majorly focuses on the market categories which are intended to distribute the Chiropractic Care industry in an analytical manner which will further help you to grasp a better overview of the market. The competitive landscape of the market research includes a broader analysis on the regions comprising the United States, Canada and Mexico in North America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of North America. South under South America, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland , Norway, Poland, Rest of Europe in Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Rest of Asia-Pacific (APAC) in Asia- Pacific (APAC), South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt, the rest of the Middle East and Africa, which are expected to capture the essence of the market in its most wide Category.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What have been the pre- and post-business effects of COVID-19 on the Chiropractic Care market?

2) What is the market size and what is the market share of the Chiropractic Care market?

3) Who are the main players in the chiropractic care market?

4) What will be the future market for the chiropractic care market?

Inquire About This Report Before You Buy @

(You can request a report quote OR available discount offers from our sales team prior to purchase.)

Notable points from the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Research methods and data sources

Chapter 2: Abstract

chapter 3: Industry Analysis of the Pentane Market

Chapter 4: Overview of the pentane market

Chapter 5: Overview of the pentane market

Chapter 6: Regional perspectives on the pentane market

Chapter 7: The pentane market: a competitive environment

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Chiropractic care

Health from a new perspective

Martin Gregor and Martina Castelli of Chiropractic Connection offer holistic chiropractic care, tailored to each individual in their office in Amsterdam Oud Zuid. In this article, they explain what chiropractic care is all about.

Many of our clients come to see us for the first time and explain how they came to see “everyone”. From doctors to physiotherapists and all kinds of other specialists, but no one has been able to help them find a long-term solution to their condition.

Chiropractors, however, have a completely different view of your health than other healthcare professionals. Rather than focusing on a specific symptom or dysfunctional part of the body, they see you as a human being as a whole trying to navigate life. Their goal is to help you be the best version of yourself.

The intelligence of your body

Chiropractors assume that your body is intelligent and that intelligence flows from your brain, through your spinal cord and nervous system, connecting to each of the 72 trillion cells that make up your amazing body.

This skill guides your body as it develops from a small fetus to a child and then to an adult. It organizes and regulates the rhythms and systems of your body, from your heart beating 100,000 times a day, the lungs breathe in fresh oxygen and expel CO2, the digestive system breaking down the nutrients you eat into the blocks of building for new cells and sleep recharges your system energy for the new day.

Importantly, this ingenuity also guides your body’s healing processes. If you fall and cut your hand, the platelets in your blood form a clot to stop the bleeding, and over time new skin cells grow to close the cut and make the damaged skin whole again, like new. If your body does not heal on its own, then something is blocking the normal healing process and the intelligence of your body.

The impact of stress

This blockage is usually the result of different forms of stress, such as:

Physical stress

For example, a sudden drop or accident of chronic postural tension in your working posture and ergonomics.

Chemical stress

Often caused by poor diet, insufficient water intake, pollution, drugs, medications, smoking, alcohol and hormonal imbalances.

Mental / emotional stress

Your body is a reflection of your mind. Relationship stress, pressure at work, financial uncertainty, lack of sleep, and life in the busy chaotic world we live in are all reflected in our body tone, tension, and posture.

When everything becomes too much

Our brains and bodies do their best to compensate for and adapt to these stressors that make up our life, however, when everything gets too intense, this compensation creates distortions and blockages in our body and nervous system, which makes it more difficult for us. that disconnects us from this natural skill and impacts our ability to heal and function in a healthy way.

Eventually, when your limits are reached, your brain activates pain signals or produces symptoms. It’s your brain’s alarm system and its way of trying to communicate to you that you need to slow down and get help or you will cause damage.

How do I know if I am unbalanced?

Here’s how to tell if you’re out of balance:

Distortions in your posture

For example, if you have your head forward and your upper back hunched over (in photos your head may appear to be tilted to one side or one shoulder is higher). Your pelvis is out of balance and you feel like one leg is longer when you walk or run.

Restricted movement

You feel that your range of motion is blocked or reduced when you lean forward or backward or twist and bend your head and body. This can indicate blockages in specific segments of your spine and pelvis.

Muscle tension

You feel muscle tension in different areas of your body that keeps coming back no matter how much you stretch or massage.

Broken sleep

Your sleep is interrupted, you either wake up exhausted or your energy does not keep you going all day. You are bloated or have irregular digestion, and you are often irritable or cranky and have trouble motivating yourself.


You are not performing the way you used to in your work or sports activities, and you suffer from recurring and insignificant injuries that continue to hold you back.

A different approach

If you feel out of balance and are not functioning at your best, you may want to see a chiropractor. They will assess your unique history and situation and conduct a full review.

This can include a computerized postural analysis and an assessment of your balance, movement, and neuro-musculoskeletal framework to identify the pattern of blockages and compensation in your body. They will provide specific chiropractic adjustments combined with personalized counseling and exercise to not only help you feel better, but also restore your function and performance.

Here are some common problems people see a chiropractor for:

  • Low back pain, herniated disc
  • Headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, tinnitus
  • Stress, burn-out
  • Insomnia, sleep disturbances, fatigue, brain fog, lack of concentration
  • Heartburn, bloating, IBS, irregular digestion
  • Pregnancy-related back pain, pubic symphysis pain, postpartum recovery
  • Babies following a difficult / traumatic delivery, breastfeeding difficulties, colic

Martin Gregor and Martina Castelli would be delighted to welcome you to their beautiful office in Amsterdam Zuid where they have organized a unique healing environment. Their caring and passionate team can help you on your journey to better health and well-being. For more information, see their website or call the firm on: 0640569731.

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