Chiropractic Care Partners with Physicians on Liens to Improve Neck Injury Services Petaluma California


Petaluma, Calif. – Reliable, quality chiropractic trauma rehabilitation services can be hard to find, especially when needed on short notice. This is all the more the case with personal injury cases in which patients must follow legal avenues to seek justice for injuries sustained through negligence or negligence. Fortunately for residents of Petaluma, CA and surrounding areas, Chiropractic Care is here to provide such services with patient-centered attention. Specifically, the clinic specializes in chiropractic neck and upper back rehabilitation services. In an effort to remain the number one choice for accident victims in the area, Chiropractic Care recently announced a partnership with Doctors on Liens, a leading medical referral service for personal injury victims in California.

This partnership is part of Chiropractic Care’s mission to provide on-demand, patient-focused medical services throughout Petaluma and surrounding areas. The clinic’s services ensure that patients receive world-class chiropractic services in a timely manner without financial strain, pending the resolution of their case. By successfully completing the rigorous Doctors on Links integration process, the clinic has undoubtedly reaffirmed the quality of its services and the unwavering dedication of its attendants. Its services extend beyond helping accident victims recover from their injuries to helping them resolve any medical issues related to their lawsuits. Chiropractic Care is home to highly experienced chiropractors who are renowned for always prioritizing patient care above all else. Ryan Lloyd, his Petaluma Senior Chiropractor, has over 20 years of hands-on experience in chiropractic services. He is a regionally renowned specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of neck pain and injuries sustained as a result of spinal trauma. Rather than focusing on temporarily relieving their discomfort, the clinic’s chiropractors prefer to find lasting, evidence-based solutions. Once admitted to their care, patients can count on individualized medical services tailored to their specific conditions.

While commenting on his experience at the neck injury clinic, one satisfied patient said, “Wow! I will definitely recommend it. I am 6ft 3in, 220, under construction and have shoulder and back pain. I started adjusting once every two weeks and noticed an amazing change in my mobility and I’m extremely happy with it. I look forward to my adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments, targeted exercises, neurological exam, ortho exam, interferential stimulation, shockwave stimulation, kinesis assessment and rocktape treatment are some of’s specialty areas. Chiropractic Care. Clinic attendants keep detailed records of the extent of each patient’s injury, scope of treatment, and any special examinations required for legal purposes. The best part is that patients never have to pay exorbitant rates despite receiving these services on a preferred basis. Further information regarding the clinic’s services can be found on its website. Patients can direct their questions to one of its representatives at (707) 658-2534. The clinic is located at 3100 Lakeville Hwy, Ste D, Petaluma, CA, 94954, USA.

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