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Chiropractic treatment

Get Chronic Low Back Pain Relief With Chiropractic Treatment – Times Square Chronicles

Do you suffer from long-lasting back pain and manage it with pain reliever? You can get temporary relief from pain relievers, but it has many side effects like indigestion, liver damage, and kidney failure. It’s like solving a problem at the cost of getting a new one that is more damaging.

Visit the local Melbourne chiropractic to get the right line of treatment. You need to go to the chiropractor and discuss all the issues – from lifestyle struggles to extreme pain. The chiropractor has the answer to all of your physical problems like pain, spasms, sudden weight loss or gain, insomnia and even neurological problems.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an alternative treatment when the practitioner uses their hands to treat bones, muscles, and other bodily problems. It is a form of therapy based on diagnosis and works on spinal misalignment, spinal area, nerve damage and painful organs. It is not part of traditional medical treatment and falls under complementary and alternative medicine.

What ailments can you manage with chiropractic?

Arterial pressure: The Human Journal of Hypertension published an article indicating that chiropractic adjustments help people manage high blood pressure. Relief is like taking blood pressure medication.

You can get relief for up to 6 months after adjusting the vertebrae. The important side effects of high blood pressure medications are fatigue, nausea, anxiety, sudden weight loss, and dizziness. You can treat both low and high blood pressure with this.

Neck and lower back pain: Over 80% of people experience neck and lower back pain at some point. A combination of medications and surgeries are the only conventional options leaving you with more dangerous conditions like post-operative complications.

Chronic neck pain that causes dizziness and lower back complications can make you temporarily disabled. Chiropractic is the best option for pain management which is a better alternative to invasive techniques and medications.

Scoliosis: When you have problems with curvature of the spine that hamper posture, reducing daily activities, then treatment is needed. Scoliosis is a serious physical problem for which physiotherapy, pain management, and chiropractic correction are best.

Reduces inflammation: Any chronic pain in the body leads to inflammation. When the muscles and joints in the body swell and become painful, it leads to other major ailments. With complementary and alternative medicine, your inflammation decreases in just a few visits.

Neurological problems: With chiropractic adjustments, you can manage neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The increased blood flow to the brain helps in improving cerebrospinal fluid. This is a very important health benefit for people with terminal illnesses.

Physiotherapy and alternative care have created a breakthrough in reducing many physical pains. Examples are sports injuries, childbirth complications, sciatica, migraines, colic pain, acid reflux, prolonged ear infections, and postoperative pain management.

You no longer have to suffer; see the nearest chiropractors and get the appointment now.

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Chiropractic care

The clinic celebrates half a century of chiropractic care

PORT TOWNSEND – Once upon a time there were two married doctors of chiropractic who hoped to start a new life in the West: open a clinic, take care of people, raise their families.

Kalispell, Mont., Was a place where Drs. Janel and Jim Carlson thought about it.

“But the bank did not fund the business plan,” Janel recalled.

The couple, along with their daughters Sara, 10 months, and Melissa, 2, came to Port Townsend. The bank’s initial response there was “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”.

Janel didn’t expect an answer. But then she did.

“You are the kind of young people we want in our city,” the banker told him.

That was 50 years ago, and Janel vividly remembers she cried when she learned that she and Jim had the backing of the bank. They bought Dr. George Tietsort’s practice on Lawrence Street and moved into the upstairs apartment. In August 1971, “we didn’t even have a car,” Janel adds.

This month, she and her daughter, Dr. Melissa Carlson-Michaels, celebrate half a century of chiropractic and intergenerational care.

“It is a privilege to continue to serve the people my parents served. And we’re getting grandchildren from some of the originals, ”Melissa said.

Mother and daughter, 74 and 52, both work in a profession where they testify to the human body’s ability to heal itself. They are guided by the principle that there is no separation between mind and body, and that back pain can affect many other areas of life.

The joy of this practice, said Janel, comes when, after chiropractic adjustments, a patient tells her, “I just feel lighter.”

“I like to get to the cause of things,” added Melissa.

With back pain relief, people sleep better and have more energy, she said; it’s only natural.

Janel graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 1970; Melissa studied at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC, for her PhD in 2002.

“I am at home, both in my community and for the purpose of my life,” she writes on the Carlson Chiropractic website.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Melissa adds, she taught child health, nutrition and development to middle and high school students.

“I realized that today’s children have many health and wellness issues that I couldn’t tackle as a teacher,” she writes.

“It was this strong desire to do more for children and their families that brought me back to my roots,” as the daughter, great-granddaughter and niece of chiropractors.

Over the years, Melissa and Janel have both volunteered in a variety of capacities including the Grant Street Elementary PTA and the Port Townsend School Board.

“Working on the board was kind of my hobby,” Janel said, adding that she considers herself more than lucky to live and work in Port Townsend.

She and Jim are no longer married and he has moved on while Janel, who retired from full-time practice in 2010, continues to see a few patients from time to time. She also helps Melissa with the clinic papers.

“It’s very nice to have relationships with patients. What a gift, ”said Janel.

Last year, as the pandemic set in, many older people were isolating themselves at home, Melissa added, but they came to see her. She felt immensely privileged to provide practical care.

At the same time, Melissa has gotten to know whole families and is happy to see their children develop healthy habits.

His message to anyone struggling with pain: you don’t have to wait until you are completely miserable to come for treatment.

“Your body is the only car you’re going to be able to drive,” so it makes sense to keep it in good shape, she joked.

Melissa and Janel want to keep doing what they do: connect with people.

“I love life where it is,” Janel said.


Jefferson County Senior Reporter Diane Urbani de la Paz can be reached at 360-417-3509 or
[email protected]

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Chiropractic center

The Calhoun Chiropractic Center continues to adapt for the future | Mclean County

Calhoun Chiropractic Center chiropractor Dr. Andria Brooks hasn’t always had her eyes set on a career in medicine.

When she was a softball player at Reidland High School in Paducah, Brooks first became aware of the world of chiropractic due to an incident on the field while playing on first base.

“A girl on my team threw the ball at me… in the baseline, and I went into the baseline and grabbed the ball to get the runner out,” said Brooks. “(The runner) was trying to beat the pitch and run as fast as she (could). (The runner) bowed his head; his helmet (hit) my forehead. Square connection.

Brooks made the play, but she could barely get out of bed the next day. After her mother, a nurse, made an appointment with a chiropractor, Brooks discovered she had a severe whiplash and concussion. It led to a life changing moment.

“The worst headache I have ever had in my life went off like a switch; it was like magic had happened, ”Brooks said of his initial treatment. “I went from (not) being able to lift my head from the pillow to turning my head to talk to my mom in the same room as me. I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

Brooks subsequently wanted to share this feeling with others.

With 16 years at the center, which focuses on chiropractic care, rehabilitation and additional therapies, Brooks admitted that the lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID have created life-changing barriers.

“Everyone has had their challenges with the pandemic,” she said. “Our office was closed last year for five weeks, which is certainly the longest time I have spent without seeing my patients. Already. But we came back and it was very restrictive… we had to wear gloves and masks, we had to cover my patients with a… towel to have an extra fabric barrier between the patients and myself. It just took longer to do everything …. It adds up.

The number of patients Brooks saw on a regular basis also declined.

“Initially when we first reopened (in April 2020) it was slower, but it was because we had to do a lot to adapt to all the rules and regulations that we had to (follow)” Brooks said. “We couldn’t see as many people as we would normally see. “

Brooks said the center has had to adapt by making patients wait in the parking lot, requiring temperature checks and asking each patient to complete a questionnaire rather than registering for appointments.

Once the restrictions began to ease after several months, Brooks said the center was returning to some sort of normalcy, which benefited her and her patients.

“We’re back to seeing roughly the same number (of patients) that we saw before COVID,” Brooks said. “People are happy to be able to have their treatments and to be here because, frankly, there is no other good alternative that is as natural as our treatment. One of the main reasons people like seeing a chiropractor is that they don’t want to have to take any more medication…. And when you remove the primary vendor from that opportunity, it’s hard on them.

Brooks said some patients have tried looking for pain management clinics as a surrogate, but admits the methods differ significantly in terms of treatment. Telehealth was also not an option due to the nature of chiropractic care, which forced some of her patients to go without treatment.

“It was hard to handle – for all of us, knowing that I could have taken care of them but I couldn’t,” said Brooks. “I was not allowed.”

But Brooks remains positive despite the uncertainty of rising COVID rates in the Commonwealth. The center plans to have its annual Kids Fest on September 11 at Myer Creek Park after canceling it last year and will continue to hold its McLean County children’s Christmas toy drive after Thanksgiving.

Brooks said safety is always a priority for its patients and staff, taking steps to disinfect regularly and keeping the waiting area at a social distance.

While the future hangs in the balance, Brooks wants her patients to know she’s not going anywhere.

“We’re going to be there as much as possible for our patients,” she said. “If we have to deal with different kinds of restrictions, we just have to deal with them and do our best.

“It’s one of our goals: to help improve the health of the people of McLean County. “

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Chiropractic therapy

Optimized well-being through spinal care and chiropractic therapy

The wellness route is by no means a linear one-way street. There are countless routes to take, with a few detours and scares along the way. The events that mark the path to a healthier, fuller life are unique and almost never the same. For some, well-being springs up as a good idea, suddenly animated by a breath of inspiration. Others might share details of a health issue that caused them to switch to Kombucha cocktails. When it comes to general well-being, there really is no destination or roadmap. Where appropriate, the journey continues to evolve, elevating our performance and supporting the way we present ourselves to others.

It wasn’t until very recently that I discovered the value of spine care and chiropractic therapy in improving the wellness journey. Typically, we hear from friends and family who visit their chiropractor because of an injury or accident. It never really occurred to me that regular spinal realignment, combined with physical and laser therapy, could dramatically improve years of functional life. The first session at INTERCARE, the Filipino pioneer of free alternative medicine, revealed the health benefits of the spine to move, function and live fully.


The team begins: “The health of your spine is an important factor in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Whether you are seeking pain relief, on the road to recovery, or ready to embark on a wellness program to optimize your health, we customize to suit your unique needs and goals. The session began with a thorough posture assessment, using a Podoscope. This was followed by a medical consultation and chiropractic therapy with chiropractic specialist Dr. Robert Karl Winet. He explained, “This is a safe, specific and controlled force applied to a joint to restore proper function and mobility.”

The idea is to bring the spine back into its proper alignment so that the rest of the body can function optimally. As the main highway that connects all of our organs, the spine can determine how well we move, digest, breathe, and yes, even think. As I understood during the consultation, bad posture is like a bad traffic jam that keeps your whole body from functioning at its best. Dr Robert says: “Spinal adjustments activate and stimulate neural pathways between the brain and organs, optimizing communication between the two and therefore organ function.


To be honest, I was terrified of breaking my bones. But he assured: “All you have to do is relax. The sounds actually come from your facet joints, which are put back into place. With eyes closed and deep, conscious breaths, the crackle began. The hips were first adjusted to balance the entire upper body. A feeling of indescribable relief followed each crackle and pop.

Spinal readjustments are just as essential for the body as regular tune-ups for a car. After the session, Dr Rob recommended a sustainable treatment program to help maintain a healthy spine. He also conducted a nutritional testing method using a magnet. “It helps isolate the vitamins and allows us to determine which supplements you need.” Besides vitamins A and D3, he recommended a daily dose of Albizia from Theralife. “Alizia is great for improving mood, helping with quality sleep,” he said. Taken each morning, the new addition to the supplement routine brought clarity and calm to each day.


At INTERCARE, experts and therapists follow a holistic approach to wellness. In addition to consultation, chiropractic and nutritional assessment, other treatments are offered to promote healing, regeneration and strengthening. “We often recommend laser light therapy and myotherapy after spinal realignment. This allows tissues and nerves to heal faster, ”said the therapist from the new Bonifacion Global City clinic.

Laser therapy is a safe and effective option for reducing pain and swelling. Using Class 4 medical lasers, tissues and nerves were put at ease. The therapist explained, “When our spine is realigned or corrected, our nerves and tissues are also put back into place. Laser light allows them to heal faster. It also supports cell regeneration.

The muscles, tendons and ligaments were then kneaded with demanding movements and high pressure. “We are now going to do myotherapy to support the softer tissue,” said the therapist. It was similar to a massage, but more precise and intense. She explained that unlike curative or spa massages, myotherapy addresses the root of the discomfort or injury to help rehabilitate soft tissue.

To hold the tissues, muscles and the newly realigned spine in place, bands were attached to the back. “It will help you keep your correct posture in place. It will also support the surrounding tissues and muscles for the next few days. She recommended keeping them for at least 48 hours.


With most of the days spent poring over gadgets, it had almost become second nature to live with poor posture. As a result, breathing and overall body function had been unknowingly compromised for years. Before chirotherapy, chronic pain and discomfort were part of everyday life. And it kept the mind and body from functioning optimally.

Coming out with a newly aligned spine was like reappearing into the world a whole new person. A feeling of confidence in standing taller accompanied each step. Significant fluency also improved conscious movement on the mat. With the help of personalized supplements from Theralife, the days were fueled with more energy and focus. I always find myself hunched over my laptop or cell phone, but awareness of spine health always brings me back to living well and tall.

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Chiropractic care

Ideal chiropractic care for nervous and joint conditions

As a non-invasive treatment option, virtually anyone can benefit from chiropractic care, including babies, children, pregnant women, office workers, factory workers, professional musicians, athletes, accident victims and the elderly.

Dr Elga Drews said any condition related to nerves, muscles or joints can be relieved with chiropractic treatment and with few practitioners available, she said it was an option to tap into.

“Neck pain, headache, migraine, shoulder pain, arm pain, elbow pain, tingling in arms and hands, back pain, hip pain, pain In the legs, sciatica, knee pain and even foot pain have been reported to be helped by chiropractic, ”she detailed.

Drews, who is also the president of the Namibian Chiropractic Association, said today that chiropractic is an evidence-based, person-centered, interprofessional and collaborative health profession.

In recent years, the Namibian Chiropractic Association has been organizing awareness programs in Kavango, assisted by overseas chiropractors.

“We hope to continue these efforts as soon as international travel permits. The Association also contributes to the global momentum for World Spine Day, where we have carried out many and varied projects to raise awareness about spine health, ”said Drews.

One of these projects is the Straighten-Up exercise program, which we have showcased in schools, sports clubs, retirement homes and other public platforms.

“The primary concern of a chiropractor is the spine and nervous system, along with all of the other joints in the body and how they function,” Drews explained.

Chiropractic is derived from the two Greek words “cheir” – meaning hand and “praktikas” – meaning work or practice. Therefore, chiropractic involves “done by hand”! Bone manipulation has been practiced for thousands of years.

“A chiropractor is a primary contact physician who will take a complete medical history, perform a physical exam and refer for special investigations if necessary. Once the chiropractor has made a diagnosis and determined that the case can be treated chiropractically, treatment primarily consists of highly specialized manipulative techniques called adjustments, ”she commented.

Drews added, “The adjustments are secure and some patients may experience immediate relief when normal joint movement and function is restored. A chiropractor will use different soft tissue massage therapies, prescribe rehabilitation exercises, give postural advice, suggest orthotics, and educate on necessary lifestyle changes.

With chiropractic care, patients have been shown to take fewer sick days, spend less time incapacitated, use less pain relief medication, are less likely to need back surgery and are less likely to turn the problem into a chronic illness.

She said that there are various reasons and causes for neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and pain syndromes, including poor daily postural habits, a fall, an accident, heavy lifting, any sports injury or even a High stress level can lead to joint pain. irritation, inflammation, nerve and muscle irritation

Drews said that when it comes to career choices, there are many options for further studying in different fields, such as sports chiropractic, pediatric care, neurology, radiology, chiropractic education and research.

“There are many chiropractic educational institutions around the world, most of which are accredited by specific educational accreditation boards. South Africa has two schools of chiropractic, one at Durban University of Technology and the other at the University of Johannesburg. Both courses offer a master’s degree in chiropractic, which is internationally accredited, ”explained Drews.


2021-08-11 Paheja Siririka

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Chiropractic care

Orange CA Digital Radiographic Diagnostic / Chiropractic Service Announcement for Joint Pain

Orange, CA Dr. Barry Marks, Chiropractic Specialist (714-938-0575) announced the use of digital x-rays to provide patients complaining of pain with a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Orange, California, United States, August 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

With the new announcement, the respected chiropractor will use digital x-rays at his chiropractic care center in Orange, Calif., So he can more effectively diagnose and treat joint, bone and muscle pain.

Additional information is available at

This latest update should put patients at ease, as the digital x-rays will allow Dr Marks to clearly visualize their problems, compare their images to those of healthy subjects, and share their films with other healthcare professionals. , if necessary.

Digital x-ray images are produced almost instantly, so patients can be diagnosed faster. In addition, digital processing has a much lower error rate than analog wet film processing, so patients will not need to be exposed to radiation multiple times. Having the images in digital form also allows Dr. Marks to examine them with different tools and to make side-by-side comparisons with normal studies.

Dr. Marks uses digital x-ray technology on patients reporting chronic pain, swelling, radiating pain and trauma from car crashes, slips and falls or sports injuries. X-rays can show fractures, arthritis, and infections of the bones or joints. It is important for a chiropractor to understand these underlying conditions before beginning chiropractic treatments.

Treatments provided by Dr. Marks include manual chiropractic spine adjustments, electrical stimulation, laser light therapy, physiotherapy modalities, and neurometabolic therapy. All of its procedures are based on scientifically proven methods that provide pain relief without medication or surgery. He also offers patients home exercises that will help control their pain between treatments.

Dr. Barry Marks is a pain relief specialist who has provided safe, affordable and effective chiropractic care for over 35 years. He specializes in car accident whiplash treatments, headache relief, peripheral neuropathy, and concussion and MTBI therapies. His office is located in Orange, but he serves patients throughout Orange County, including Fullerton, Tustin, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Garden Grove.

A satisfied patient said: “Excellent experience. Convenient meeting times. Addressing my concerns: back pain and neck pain. An effective treatment plan that allowed a return to normal functioning.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting


CONTACT: Name: Dr Barry Marks Organization: Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor Address: 1745 W. Orangewood Ave #114, Orange, CA 92868, United States Phone: +1-714-938-0575

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Chiropractic care

Sanford chiropractic care treats the whole patient

Back, neck, and joint pain can negatively impact a person’s entire life, from work to sleep and everything in between. This is why Sanford chiropractors like David Galloway, DC, are so dedicated to serving their patients.

“It’s a convenient, drug-free approach,” said Galloway, who practices in Bemidji and Bagley, Minnesota.

Build a foundation

Chiropractic care can help relieve more than just back, neck and joint pain. It can also have a significant impact on headaches, as well as jaw pain and radiating pain in the arms and legs. That’s why Galloway says chiropractic treatment is more than just adjusting where the pain occurs.

“Where you have your pain doesn’t always dictate where the problem is,” Galloway said. “It’s a bit like a house and its foundations. If you don’t have a good foundation, there may be problems further down. So someone can come up with lower back pain and it could be a foot, ankle, or knee problem.

Find a doctor: Sanford Chiropractors Near You

The added benefit of Sanford chiropractic

The ability of chiropractors like Dr. Galloway to access patient information and communicate with a patient’s other physicians remains one of the most important aspects of Sanford chiropractic care. This is also why finding the source of the pain can be made easier with the Sanford resources at their disposal.

“When I was in private practice, if I wanted to see x-rays of the patient, it would take me longer to request information and have it delivered. So it is very beneficial that we can offer same day care, whereas in the private setting this is not always the case, ”said Galloway.

“It’s (also) nice to be able to communicate. I just sent a message to a patient’s primary care physician this morning to let them know where we are. I can update them or if I have concerns that they are not improving, I can talk to them as well.

Treat the whole patient

In addition to sharing information, Dr Galloway can easily refer his patients to other treatments if needed. Especially after taking into account the knowledge acquired by other doctors in Sanford from a patient.

“Chiropractic is not for all cases. That’s why it’s important to have that full history, ”said Galloway.

Then Dr Galloway can easily refer those patients to other specialists at Sanford for the type of treatment that’s right for them, whether it’s physical therapy, x-ray imaging, or return. to a primary care provider.

Ultimately, the goals of chiropractic care are simple: to heal the patient and relieve their pain. With easier access to patient records, better communication with physicians, and his own skills and techniques as a chiropractor, Dr. Galloway can continue to do what’s best for every patient he sees every day.

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