Dr. Spencer Zimmerman promotes brain health through the Idaho Brain and Body Institute


The brain is undeniably the most powerful organ in the human body and it comes with many mysteries and complexities that even today’s best medical specialists cannot fully explain. Fully understanding the brain’s ability to cope with and heal from various conditions takes time and a lot of patience. Clinician Dr Spencer Zimmerman understands this all too well on a personal level, inspiring him to create Idaho Brain and Body Institute promote the value of actively prioritizing brain health and finding effective solutions to various challenges such as trauma, dizziness, concussion, PTSD, depression, anxiety or simply trying to find purpose in life .

The Idaho Brain and Body Institute helps patients struggling with neurological, psychological, and bodily symptoms and conditions. Dr. Zimmerman has worked closely with over a thousand patients throughout his colorful career, allowing him to refine his unique methods. He also actively helps his patients as an author and by appearing on podcasts to discuss the role of the brain in people’s overall health.

“Our brain defines who we are and what our potential is. Without our brain, we lose who we are. There’s nothing worse than losing that part of us and feeling hopeless. I’ve seen far too many people lose their jobs, relationships, and savings due to brain issues that were never treated appropriately,” Dr. Zimmerman explained. “Also, my wife suffered from post-concussion syndrome for 17 years that was never diagnosed, and many of the symptoms were blamed on teenage hormones. No one should have to go through this and feel the need to accept a new normal. We shouldn’t adapt to our symptoms, but learn to beat them with the right help.”

Dr. Zimmerman is both a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor. He has a degree in chiropractic neurology, certified supplier of peptides by A4M, trained in functional medicine and functional immunology. He founded the Idaho Brain and Body Institute to provide a whole-body approach to discovering answers to unique health issues.

“Thanks to our unique training in the medical and chiropractic fields, we offer a unique approach to care. We use a variety of services to help individuals regain their health,” Dr. Zimmerman explained. “We have found that when therapies are stacked, patients achieve superior results compared to those achieved alone. We are the only clinic in Idaho and one of the few in the United States to have the services we offer under one roof.

Dr. Zimmerman primarily serves the needs of patients who have suffered concussions, vertigo, and PTSD. He believes that each case is unique and should be given the utmost care and attention he needs in order to find the best solution. Over the past year he has worked closely with COVID long haul with an impressive success rate. Dr. Zimmerman uses all of his unique training and orientations to provide the best solutions for all of his patients.

Ultimately, human beings cannot be expected to function like robots, no matter how strong and focused they are on the outside. After all, human body parts cannot be easily replaced like machines. Through his in-depth approach with the Idaho Brain and Body Institute, Dr. Zimmerman can help patients regain a clear mind, renewed energy, and the motivation to face the day with confidence, regardless of their diagnosis and symptoms.

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